About Us

Why we do, what we do.

At Yellow Rose Coffee we believe in the power of coffee to bring friends and family together. Coffee speaks loudly of friendship and familiarity, warmth and whimsy.  But today, if all you want to do is enjoy a good cup of specialty coffee with a friend, you have to be an expert. Roast dates, regions, processes, tasting notes, and Fair Trade certifications? What if specialty coffee didn’t have to be so complicated? What if we decided to get back to what coffee was always meant to do – bring friends, family and community together?

Democratizing Coffee

At Yellow Rose we’re democratizing coffee by taking the confusion out of specialty roasting. We make coffee easy and simple by giving you direct text or phone access to a professional coffee roaster who will build you a custom coffee order and mail it directly to your door for the same price or less than others.  Democratizing coffee for couples that want to share a conversation over their cup in the morning. Democratizing coffee for the college student who needs the caffeine after a long night of studying. Democratizing coffee for the important business meeting you have this afternoon. Democratizing coffee for the after-dinner chat with friends.  Democratizing coffee so you can get back to what coffee and yellow roses do best – friendship and familiarity, warmth and whimsy.

About Yellow Rose

Yellow Rose Coffee is based in Stockton, CA and produced and shipped from California’s Northern Central Valley. It was founded in 2021 by Andrew Phillips, a leader in his community with a passion to make specialty coffee accessible to everyone.  Andrew’s mother-in-law was fanatical about roses. Specifically, yellow roses. It made sense, after all, since her name was Rose. She was an incredible wife, loving mother, loyal friend.

When she passed away after a fourteen-year battle with breast cancer, the yellow rose became a symbol of her friendship and warmth.  A yellow rose was exchanged between Andrew and his wife on their wedding day. The rose has been shared between the couple throughout their marriage – at anniversaries, Valentine’s Days, and celebrations. The name Yellow Rose Coffee is in remembrance of Rose and a symbol from us to you of the friendship and warmth that coffee brings.

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